Bongzilla and Slomosa to Desertfest Oslo

The festive season is approaching with furious blast beats, and we decided to give you a couple more bands, just to get the stoke-level up to Santa-Red before the holidays.

Please welcome Bongzilla and Slomosa to Desertfest Oslo 2024!

Slomosa entered the scene with their debut album during the start of the pandemic, and look at them now. What the hell happened?

One thing is certain, they are not moving in Slo-Mo.

Since their debut dropped, the four piece have toured, toured and toured again.

They have visited almost every corner of the European continent, with Hellfest last year, and the very recent, sold out tours with Elder and King Buffalo as possible highlights.

These legends hardly need any introduction.
Bongzilla has been delivering greasy, fat, weed-infused riffery since 1996, and are absolute stalwarts with their true-to-their-roots aesthetics and approach.
After half a decade on hiatus, Bongzilla slam dunked their way back, as they found themselves featured on nearly all major, stoner-related festivals in both the US and EU over the next couple of years.
With the signing to Heavy Psych Sounds in their pockets, along with a just as heavy touring schedule, Bongzilla climbed their way back to the top like true masters.