2024, the year of the first Desertfest Oslo is here, and it’s time for us to reveal the remaining 10 acts of what is gearing up to be a weekend stacked to the teeth with riffs, beers, volume and joyful hangs!
We will present one band at a time, every second day, starting NOW! 
First out is REZN, out of Chicago, US.
We are dead proud and psyched to bring these guys over for an exclusive appearance, following their spellbinding album «Silent Future» from last year.
REZN is more than just another live band, they grace us with the total experience. Their modus operandi is extraordinary, separating them from many of their current peers.
They execute an odd kind of quality and feeling to their shows. It’s like being surrounded by a thousand monks, chanting their spiritual hymns of enchantment, while being physically moved, impacted and touched by mountainous riffs and beats, topped with the vocals of hellbound angels.
REZN puts tone and voice to the endless void between reality and fiction.
It’s unbearably good at times.
We can’t wait for all of you Desertfesters to witness this very magic of REZN in May! 
Secure your weekend tickets while you can, the riffs are coming!