Norway has so much talent on offer these days, it would be anything but fair to exclude our own horde of bands on the first Desertfest Oslo.

We are super proud to announce the return of the Tired Old Dogs in The Devil And The Almighty Blues to our domestic live scene. This bunch of legends haven’t played Oslo since 2019, and we simply can’t wait to see their blues-laden excellence on stage again.

The other Norwegian acts following this announcement are all extraordinary examples of the diversity found in our bursting scene: Karavan bring the filth, HÃ¥ndgemeng bring the party, Saint Karloff bring the groove and Superlynx bring the laidback jams while Suncraft bring the energy.

Highly recommended every single one of them.

BUT – let’s not forget!

EYEHATEGOD is coming!

This true force of nature is bringing their NOLA sludge overseas, and all the way to Oslo next spring.

EHG will leave no mind untouched, or unblown for that matter.


More announcements to follow shortly!