Apostle of Solitude

Mixing heavy proto-doom riffs with hauntingly beautiful harmonies,the possie of solid dudes comes to Oslo
The riff-masters of Indianapolis are coming to Norway for their first time ever!
Having shared stages with The Obsessed, Elder and previously announced REZN, the quartet are ready to show Desertfest Oslo how hoosiers handle the stage.
Mixing heavy proto-doom riffs with hauntingly beautiful harmonies, from vocalists Chuck Brown and Steve Janiak, the possie of solid dudes are bringing their acclaimed 2021 album Until The Darkness Comes on the road.
Prepare yourself for a mysterious and desolate soundwave, aptly spiced with guitar solos from the 80s. With layers upon layers of thunderous riffs they lean more towards proto-doom than esoteric and looping drone metal, and it is no wonder why Apostle of Solitude has been compared to bands like Khemmis, Pallbearer and Candlemass.
As with their music, time moves by quickly due to the dynamic musical flair, and so will the months building up to Desertfest Oslo.