These necromancers can even make the dead dance.

The magicians from Spokane travels halfway around the world to give us the fuzziest magic show you would ever think possible.

It takes some special kind of attitude to start a band in the pandemic year of 2020, but they might have set the world record in being signed to Heavy Psych Sounds in the shortest possible time.

And what a steal by HPS!

The trio are each and everyone wizards of their own craft, and together they’ve conjured a sound instantly recognizable and put them on the star spangled stoner night-sky.


If ever the “drummer at the wrong gig” reference should be used, it is here. The absolute Thor-like hammering of the kit sits right in front of the sound, creating a mammoth storm of sound interlaced with thunder and lightning emanating from Chase Howards sticks.

Add to the brew some of the most psyched out, catchiest riffs this side of the Milky Way, and the children of the sun will hypnotize you where you stand.

The vocals, like everything else here, is a standout.

As if under a spell, Garrett Zanol’s voice transcends time-space continuum to enchant all the people watching with big eyes, mouths wide.

The last herb to the concoction of Spokane riff-brew, Ian Nelson on bass, fit like a golden jigsaw-piece and lifts the quality of the sound to the absolute highest of highs.

These guys belong at the top tier, and if it’s magic or not, consider us entranced, cause these necromancers can even make the dead dance.

Abra f**king Kadabra