One of the best bands to arise from the polish desert is Weedpecker.

The polish scene has been boiling over with quality music these past decades cementing their place as the hot bed for all things doom, desert- and stonerrock.

One of the best bands to arise from the polish desert is Weedpecker.

Scratching the same itch as their psychedelic forefathers, they mix inspirations from David Gilmour, to Jimi Hendrix, and their label-brothers Elder. Sometimes leaning towards the grunge of the 90s, sometimes all the way back to layered vocals and twangy 70s guitars, and back to more modern times in the Motorpsycho realm of aesthetic rock.

From the moment they start playing, they sway, turn and dance through stars and planets, floating untethered from reality. Unshackled from sober constraints they traverse the hazy landscapes of a real life kaleidoscope, steering the drug-fueled mothership from high to high.

Weedpecker are never flaccid or limp, but stands rock-hard through all their creative load. Gushing over with musical prowess, holding nothing back to their inspirational idols, they prod and jot to find their own unique sound.

Even after some personnel changes they stand stiff and tall as a strong mast in a celestial, psychedelic storm of sound, never wavering or collapsing under the just expectations fans have for them.

So hoist yourself up and join the ethereal spacewalk! We’re bringing our spacevan for this cosmic roadtrip!